Digital Illustration (Photoshop)
Fan art of Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.
This work was made with a Wacom Intuos tablet using Photoshop. Using a Wacom Intuos has been challenging because it doesn't have a display, which means you are not drawing directly and it gets harder to make accurate lines. The process is slow but the ending results are great.

Digital Illustration (Photoshop)
Illustration drawn on paper and colored using photoshop. This way of illustrating, allows me to add complex textures and a good lighting.

Digital Illustration (Procreate)
Fan art of Chance the Rapper. All the drawing process was made directly on iPad Pro using Procreate. This way of working on a digital medium has been the closest to the feeling of traditional painting and drawing.

Digital Illustration (Adobe Illustrator)
The process for these series of illustrations was drawing everything on paper and redraw it on Illustrator using the picture of the original drawing as a reference. For me, this is the fastest way to make a digital illustration