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I used to think being an artist meant being good at drawing, I later learnt it was more than that. It caught my attention how a single piece of artwork could have so much infuence on people's lives; and how it could preserve history. I soon realized, I wanted to be able to share my experiences and reach people through my own work. Being able to study Graphic Design has been a slow but enjoyable process, I've been a swimmer almost my whole life, and it amazed me how the art world is similar to my swimming experience; both are very competitive envorionments. I enjoyed the way I learnt, as I was encouraged to compete between my classmates.

My favorite part about the whole design process, is showing my final work, so you can imagine how excited I am of sharing my work. My brand identity is deeply influenced by my swimming career, and I believe my works are a recopilation of my experiences of being a college athlete student. My goal is to brighten someone's day, so I hope I can bring a little bit of happiness in your day!.